The TRK-5 was the economy console model featuring a 5" television and radio. It was an exceptionally poor seller because of the tiny screen and relatively bulky cabinet. It originally retailed for $295.00.


Unveiled by RCA at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, this was the largest direct-viewing RCA set of the TRK line, with a 9-inch picture tube.


The TT–5 was another design of John Vassos, and the least expensive television unveiled by RCA at the 1939 New York World's Fair. This set received video only. For audio, it had to be connected to a radio with a television pick–up. It has a 5–inch picture tube and was one of RCA's first tabletop–style televisions.


The 12" mirror-in-lid TRK-12 was RCA's first television to be sold to the public. Priced at $600.00, it was RCA's most expensive yet most popular pre-war model. The pictures were viewed indirectly by reflection in a mirror built into the cabinet lid. Vertical orientation of the tube minimized the protrusion of television cabinet out from the living room wall, and the mirror lid could be closed, enabling the television and radio to be hidden when not in use.