Philco series


Philco, 4730 "Continental"

This was one of the most stylish Predictas with its stunning Danish modern design. Exclusively black and white, the Predicta was phased out as colour television became more popular.

Philco, UG-3410 "Princess"

This 17-inch Predicta in a perforated and finned metal cabinet is particularly compact and light in weight. A similar model called the Siesta was available with a clock above the tuner that could turn the set on and then off automatically, for that favourite program.

Philco, H3412L "Consolette"

Priced at $ 199.95, it came in five fashion-wise colours – gold, charcoal brown, beige, vermillion and mahogany – and had a semi-flat screen that swiveled. Measuring less from front to back than any other tube, the Philco Swivel-Screen brought exciting new freedom to television design.

Philco, 4242-L "Holiday"

This classic 21" was designed by Philco designers Richard Whipple and Severin Jonassen. The swivel picture tube meant that viewers could adjust the screen to face them, no matter where they sat in the room. This was the first Predicta offered to the public, and came in a blonde or mahogany finish.

Philco, H3408 "Debutante"

This tabletop set was the “entry level” or lowest priced model in the Predicta line. Retailing at $ 199.99, it was manufactured in a range of cabinet colours and was purchased by hotels as a standard room set.