16. Speakers Corner



If you lived in the Toronto area between 1990 and 2008, you will probably remember watching a little program that aired on Citytv every weekend called, “Speaker’s Corner”.

Conceived by MZTV Museum’s Founding Father, Moses Znaimer, the show gave a voice to the public. Located at Citytv’s Queen Street studios, the original, fixed video booth was constructed and opened in 1990.

Patrons could enter the booth and, upon inserting a one-dollar-coin, could press the green button and say anything they wanted. In essence one could say that Speakers’ Corner was YouTube, before YouTube.

This booth was the first of its kind, designed to take Speakers’ Corner out into the world beyond the reach of Citytv’s Toronto headquarters. Take the spotlight now, press the green button, and speak your mind about your visit to the MZTV Museum. No loonie required.