14. Marilyn Monroe



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In the 1940s and 1950s, movie stars were, basically, owned by the studios they represented. Therefore, many of them never appeared on the small screen. Marilyn Monroe was on television a scant three times during her life.

The first was a commercial for Triton Oil Company. This was done prior to her movie fame.

The second was an appearance on the "Jack Benny Show". Although Marilyn was a film star by this point, the studio agreed to allow the performance, as she was able to promote her upcoming movie "All About Eve".

Marilyn’s final appearance was an interview by Milton Greene where she, again promoted her upcoming studio work. It is said that, right before the camera rolled, Marilyn was told that there would be over a million people watching her. This caused her nerves to kick in, which is why she appears so unusually self-conscious.